Thursday, June 23, 2011

Images from Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

Crystal Springs may not be too peaceful on weekends when the rhodies are blooming -- and forget Mother's Day! -- but it's an amazingly beautiful place. I mean, assuming you like water and trees and flowers and ducks and geese.



  1. Paul, I was just sitting along the creek yesterday that runs thru Reed College, amazed that a wooded babbling creek in the city made me feel as if I was miles out in the woods. I think this may need to be in your book. I know the trailhead is just a couple of minutes from the Rhody gardens, but this seems to me as WAY more peaceful. I recently found a map of the area (posted on campus in NE parking lot, kiosk style) that shows the trail continuing much further around a lake, can't wait to further explore. Not sure if this is "public" since trail must be on Reed campus, but that's not stopping me anyway- I live near by. Peace, kjm

  2. Thanks, Ken! This is just the kind of great feedback I appreciate. I will check Reed out, for sure.